Avian flu

30 November 2017

Recent outbreaks of avian (bird) flu in Europe have led to Defra issuing a reminder to poultry farmers and bird keepers about the importance of farm biosecurity measures.

While the United Kingdom is currently free from avian flu, there is a constant risk the disease may arrive.

Here at OBE Waste & Agri, we understand the importance of prevention against such risks. Masterburn poultry incinerators provide a cost effective, clean solution for handling poultry mortalities and protecting farm biosecurity. Talk to our sales team about the most suitable incinerator for your farm.

We manufacture a range of incinerators for birds and poultry from small incinerators for individual farms to large mobile incinerators suitable for culls and disposal of large quantities of birds in disease hit areas.

Read more about how to spot avian flu, what to do if you suspect it and measure to prevent it on www.gov.uk